CFACT’s Stephen Jones attends LI training classes

CFACT is proud to introduce its newest staff member, Stephen Jones to the National Field Coordinator position. Jones graduated from George Mason University in 2020 with a degree in Media Production & Criticism and has previously worked as a political cartoonist and marketing intern at L. Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center. In addition to his National Field Coordinator position, he also manages the CFACT campus social media accounts.

This past weekend he attended the Youth Leadership School seminar at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia in order to better familiarize himself with the campus recruitment profession. The classes took place on both Saturday and Sunday and featured a marathon of speaking sessions meant to educate future youth leaders and college students in order to help expand a network of likeminded students and colleagues.

Lending their expertise were LI’s Kayleigh Frederick, the coordinator of Youth Leadership schools and Aron Raliey who is their Stewardship and Growth manager. Relevant advice was expressed in the many tips on how to organize political campaigns which involves similar principles to getting support for our non-profit.

LI’s Kayleigh Frederick discusses networking on college campuses.

While taking part, he learned the importance of diplomatic relations when it comes to networking with conservative and libertarian groups and students on college campuses. These skills include the ability to recruit interns and potential chapter founders as well as spread awareness about the environmental conservation efforts of CFACT.

According to Jones, the segments of the classes that he found the most beneficial were tabling and learning how to interact with students. Since he is very acute when it comes to visual presentation, he found the lesson on setting up a proper table to catch passing students eyes as beneficial. These eye catchers can include table prizes, trivia, games as well as artistically rendered poster boards to help convey CFACT’s mission. Another key component of the position involves properly interacting with students on the many diverse campuses throughout the country.

It was relayed to him that being hospitable and friendly to conversation are key to making others comfortable in understanding our organization. He was also given awareness on how to deal with hostile table visitors who may take offense to our stances on climate issues. This win psychology and ability to persuade politically apathetic students can help garner more cooperation from relevant campus organizations and chapters.

LI’s founder, Morton Blackwell had a pre-recorded video appearance where he discussed the trials and tribulations of campaigning.

“It was a very helpful and informative learning experience for me. I’m very eager to apply the knowledge I gained while at these events,” he told us. We confidently believe this was of great aid to him and look forward to presenting ourselves on your campus.