CFACT’s Craig Rucker shares the good news of free market environmentalism to students at Arizona State University!


Students at the Arizona State University Chapter of Turning Point USA we greeted to treat as CFACT’s own Craig Rucker skyped called in to talk to them about the wonders of free market enviromentalism. Rucker’s message of how the free market is the solution to the worlds many enviromental issues seemed to resonate well with the Turning Point USA chapter whose motto is “Big Government Sucks”. During the talk Rucker tied together via power point how the lefts environmental world view has little to do with preserving the environment at all. Rather it seems to promote the narratives of big government, wealth redistribution, and population control as shown by some of the many quotes by leaders of the green movement.

During the talk Craig Rucker also brought up the notion of climate alarmism and how it leads to more government control and attacks capitalism as a economic structure. ASU Turning Point USA Officer David Lattimer said, “It was a great event, everyone loved his message and many wanted to use his powerpoint to share the radical lefts crazy quotes with their friends.”   

Events like this one shows how the tide on climate change is beginning to turn on the college campus. Many groups like this one are holding events, recruiting speakers, and tableing on their campus to challenge the left’s so called monopoly on climate science and show their peers the alternative climate realist approach. This event was part of the Keep Calm Climate Changes campaign by CFACT’s collegians group. One of many campaigns used to pin point an issue and drive home a free market message.

If you would like to watch the event please view the video below!