CFACT’s Craig Rucker debunks climate hype at UVA


At the same time protestors were parading climate propaganda in New York City this week, CFACT’s executive director Craig Rucker took time to visit the University of Virginia campus to deliver a compelling lecture examining the science, economics, and policy dynamics driving the global warming issue.

Entitled “Global Warming Hype Exposed!”, Rucker opened by showcasing some of the wild claims made by the media, Hollywood, politicians, and even scientists have made regarding melting polar glaciers, rising sea levels, catastrophic weather events, and of course, polar bears.  He also delved into the science, and finished by exploring the motivations various parties have in promoting policies to limit fossil fuel use and the implications these policies would have on the working class and poor.

“I was glad to see we had a good turnout tonight,” said Grace Charlton, a CFACT activist who helped organize the event.

“I think it was compelling and well received – even by a few who clearly disagreed.” Craig Rucker is a CFACT co-founder and currently serves as its executive director.  He has followed the global warming issue since its inception and has attended 14 of its 20 annual climate meetings around the world.

He has also been instrumental in helping establish the Collegians program from its beginning in 2001.