CFACT’s Bob Knee to University of Houston: “Capitalism is sustainable”

You won’t hear how capitalism actually helps the environment from too many college professors and classes, nowadays.

CFACT’s Bob Knee mid-speech at the University of Houston.

Which is why CFACT travels around the country to give students the facts! CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Bob Knee, has traveled to many a college group this past year, but most recently stopped off at the University of Houston. Knee discussed how capitalism helps the environment, or in other words, how capitalism is sustainable.

Some facts that are worth noting from Knee’s speech: capitalism through private property rights helped save the American bison from over-hunting. The bison went from about 300 in number in the late 1800’s to around 300,000 alive in private herds in current times.

Capitalism is also more efficient than socialism and communism. According to research, the Soviet Union generated 1.5 times the pollution the United States generated per unit of Gross National Product. That means the capitalist USA was producing more, with less waste, than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Mikel Moore, a law student at the University of Houston and CFACT Driessen Fellow, coordinated the event. “It was my pleasure, the chapter enjoyed Bob’s speech!” Mike said.