CFACT University of Connecticut Hosts Alex Epstein on Green Energy Myths

Alex Epstein Speaks at Texas A&M

Alex Epstein Speaks at UConn

Recently Alex Epstein, founder of the Center for Industrial Progress, delivered a one hour lecture on the subject of Green Energy Myths at the University of Connecticut. Epstein highlighted the high costs of solar, hydro, and wind energy and compared those high costs with the low costs of natural gas, coal, and nuclear.

“We learned that green policies are very expensive. Many third-word individuals cannot afford ‘green’ energy. Far cheaper and more efficient sources of energy like natural gas, coal, and nuclear have life saving potential in many regions. We also learned that supposedly ‘green’ energy sources like solar, hydro, and wind can actually be just as bad for the environment,” commented CFACT Uconn member Nick Toumbilides.

Epstein further noted that so-called “electric” cars are usually actually coal cars, since most of the electricity which the cars absorb is generated by coal.

After the speech most students agreed that the greens have a lot of explaining to do.