CFACT Texas Tech Membership Drive!

CFACT Texas Tech Membership Drive

On Wednesday, March 30, 2011 CFACT Texas Tech hosted a membership drive on campus.

“We recruited over 100 new members, the event was a huge success!” said Kate Wiseman, the group’s membership director. “It’s important to recruit, educate, and then activate!” she continued.

CFACT Texas Tech is planning to throw a “Global Warming Beach Party” later this semester. The group wants to use the event to teach fellow students the truth about so-called “global warming.”

“Climate change is not caused by human activity,” said Jeff Morris, the group’s chairman. “The medieval warming period and the little ice age highlight this starkly. There seem to be super-seasons that create a wide but normal range of climate variability. Evidence shows that these super-seasons are caused by activity on the sun, not man.”