CFACT tabling efforts spread free market environmentalism message

Cover photo: CFACT Driessen Fellow Tait La’Fonte from Louisiana State University talks with potential CFACT recruits while tabling on campus.

From left, CFACT Driessen Fellow Chandler Wysocki interacts with an event attendee while handing out CFACT materials at the Ohio State University.

CFACT Driessen Fellows at the Ohio State University and Louisiana State University recently organized tabling outreach efforts on campus in connection with Turning Point USA events at these schools. The speaking events were related to Candace Owens’ Live Free Tour. CFACT activists considered it to be the perfect opportunity to find like-minded student leaders to join the CFACT cause.

Those materials handed out to passers-by explained how “Capitalism is Sustainable.” The flyers listed ways in which capitalism benefits the environment rather than socialism, contrary to public perception among many college students.

Here’s one example of the facts presented:

Thanks to private ownership and free market principles, the American bison was saved from extinction. In 1884, there were only 324 bison left in the wild due to over hunting and the tragedy of the commons. Once private ranchers were allowed to own the bison and raise them themselves with the incentive of raising more of them, populations exploded. Today there are hundreds of thousands of bison alive.

Facts like these show students that capitalism and free markets are the best way to manage the environment. Students at the Ohio State University and Louisiana State University were eager to take these materials and learn more and spread the word among their peers.

Look for growth among the chapters at these two schools and CFACT volunteers continue to find opportunities to recruit with innovative ideas like these!