CFACT Syracuse Hosts David Horowitz

Nationally acclaimed conservative writer and activist, David Horowitz, spoke at Syracuse University on Monday, March 2. Syracuse University?s College Republicans, CFACT, and S.A.V.E. co-sponsored the event.

Horowitz addressed the debated issue of the liberal bias infiltrating higher education across America. He is the founder of the Horowitz Freedom Center, which addresses student academic freedom. A former supporter of Marxism, Horowitz is now a conservative activist and is the editor of many publications including FrontPage Magazine.

Horowtiz is one of the most recognizable faces in the political arena. He strives to inform students of their academic freedom and seeks to eliminate political bias in university classrooms. The event encouraged debate, interaction and discussion from all who attended and great questions were raised.

Prior to the event, members of the three co-sponsoring student organizations enjoyed a semi-formal dinner with Mr. Horowitz.