CFACT recruitment drive kicks off at Purdue University!

Left: Purdue University students sign CFACT’s giant inflatable deer in support of hunting. Right: students sign up to join the future CFACT club at Purdue University

A Purdue University student signs his name in support of hunting to CFACT’s inflatable deer “Rudolph”

The Purdue University “Boilermakers” were fired up this week to join CFACT as the fall recruitment drive began on campus!

Dozens of students flocked to CFACT to see what the deal was with the giant inflatable deer being carried around the school. While it may seem funny at first sight, that is merely to catch students’ attention. The inflatable deer outreach initiative actually has a very serious purpose; mainly, to get students thinking about conservation and what humans’ role in it should be.

Purdue students Julia and Nolan sign up to join the future CFACT club on campus!

“We’ve endearingly been calling the big deer here ‘Rudolph,’ as we carry him around campus,” said National Field Coordinator Bob Knee. “Students can sign their name to the deer if they support hunting, or can write what they think about hunting and conservation on the deer. What seems like a bizarre sight at first actually leads to constructive conversations about humans’ and government’s role in conservation and environmental issues. We’ve had dozens of sign ups in just the first day here once the students learned more about CFACT and our mission.”

Students like Julia and Nolan, recent new recruits to CFACT’s future club on campus, will be sure to make a big impact for future events such as speakers, documentary screenings, and campus activism.

CFACT’s outreach on campus isn’t going to stop at discussions regarding conservation either. This is merely a way to establish a “beachhead,” so to speak, and to get interested students thinking about the environment in ways they normally wouldn’t. As students attend CFACT interest meetings and future events, they will be exposed to discussions on energy, the facts on climate change, and other environmental issues like water quality and property rights.

CFACT’s Bob Knee poses with “Rudolph” as recruitment begins on campus

“Once students begin realizing that all human influence isn’t bad, and is actually quite necessary to conserve our environment and animals, like with hunting, they begin to open their minds on other issues, like energy development and climate change,” CFACT’s Bob Knee added.

CFACT also plans to partner with existing groups on Purdue’s campus, such as Turning Point USA and the College Republicans, to achieve maximum reach with the message of free market environmentalism and sound science.

Look for more great things to come soon as CFACT’s organizing efforts continue at Purdue University in Indiana!