CFACT Promotes Liberty in DC

CFACT’s National Field Director Greg Neff and Driessen Fellow Gabe Chambers attended LibertyCon, a libertarian conference hosted by the international student organization Students for Liberty, this past weekend. The duo interacted with hundreds of attendees from every continent, spreading the word about free market environmental solutions.

The message was roundly applauded by everyone who heard the purpose of CFACT. Two overseas NGOs, one from Nepal and another from Sri Lanka, even requested follow up meetings in hopes of partnering with the DC-based organization on future humanitarian and environmental projects. 

In addition, the organization found numerous students interested in applying for the Driessen Fellows program, CFACT’s exclusive internship where today’s youth are taught about the science, philosophy, and economics of conservative conservation, then provides the resources to impact their peers on campus. Myles, a University of Tennessee nuclear engineering student who applied to join the program, says unfortunately his generation, “never hears more than one side of the argument at school.”