CFACT REAL Energy Petition Launch!


REAL Energy, Not Green Energy Petition Launched

CFACT’s REAL Energy, Not Green Energy campaign has launched a national petition in support of solutions that will promote economic prosperity, job growth, technological innovation, and a truly sustainable future for generations to come.

The petition reads:

“We, the undersigned, call on our leaders to support REAL Energy solutions that are proven, reliable, safe, affordable and abundant; and to reject green energy projects that require mandates, subsidies and bailouts.

REAL Energy includes responsible oil drilling, natural gas, unconventional natural gas (fracking), nuclear power, clean coal, hydro-power and new energy production that does not require government mandates, bailouts or subsidies.”

This campaign is targeted towards educating college students on why our nation must support energy solutions that empower the free market and eliminate the bailouts, subsidies, crony handouts and boondogles to politically correct energy.

Stand in support of our campaign and sign the petition. Only through our combined voices can we make a difference for our future. At this time, it is imperative we make our voices heard and continue fighting for an open, free, and fair energy market.

REAL Energy, Not Green Energy Petition