CFACT Makes Waves At Turning Point USA Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida!

CFACT Student Austin Lanclos from Louisiana poses in front of CFACT’s booth.

While the rest of the country was bundled up making snowmen CFACT Collegians put on sunscreen and flip flops and delivered our message of American energy dominance and free market environmentalism to sunny West Palm Beach, Florida at the Turning Point USA SAS Conference.

CFACT Associate Director Graham Beduze poses in front of event sign.

Packed to the brim with over three thousand students the conference included speakers such as Donald Trump Jr, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Tucker Carlson, and Alex Epstein. The conference also included workshops and break out sessions designed to equip the next generation of student leaders with the tools they need to combat the radical left’s agenda of more government and more taxes.

Students fill chairs to hear top speakers.

CFACT sponsored the event and helped educate the many students of the need for clean, cheap, and reliable energy as well as how to fight back the green agenda for carbon taxes and conservation easements that threaten the private property rights of all.

Austin talks to students about CFACT’s message of free market environmentalism.

CFACT Student Austin Lanclos said,”It was a pleasure working the CFACT booth and helping reach out to students about the many issues CFACT champions.” “Many of the students were fired up and wanted to bring CFACT to their campus and book speakers for the upcoming year, it is safe to say the message free market environmentalism is popular and CFACT is the ones to move it forward.”


Student signs up to bring CFACT to his campus.

Students also formed lines to take a picture with CFACT’s “Drilling = Jobs” poster and sign the inflatable deer to support hunting rights. “Ideas like these present a fresh approach to the tried and true message of CFACT,” says CFACT Associate Director Graham Beduze. “The influx of new students

CFACT listed as a sponsor of the event.

 is crucial to preaching our message in an exciting and empowering way to future generations and CFACT has become a catalyst for students to unleash their creative potential and inspire others to champion individual liberty and property rights.”