CFACT leadership meeting at the Ohio State University

Driessen Fellow Abby Draiss leads a presentation on CFACT’s values to student attendees.

About 20 students attended a CFACT meeting at the Ohio State University at the end of the 2018 spring semester to continue to increase awareness and interest in CFACT as well as identify students looking to take on leadership positions in the club.

“This was a great step towards getting the CFACT chapter on campus officially recognized by the University,” said Abby Draiss, a sophomore. “Conservatives and libertarians alike are excited about the free market environmentalism message CFACT has to offer.”

Abby’s talk on free market environmentalism continues with those in attendance.

15 students in total signed up who were interested in getting more involved in the club. “It was a great meeting, A lot of students are really excited about getting involved, and I think we’re going to do great things moving forward,” Abby added.

The students at Ohio State have already done some incredible things, including organizing a “Shoot & Scoop,” where students went to a local gun range to practice their Second Amendment rights, then put stewardship into action by cleaning up their shells and whatever other litter was in sight in the area. The event provided the opportunity to understand the importance of the Second Amendment to hunting rights, as well the importance of each student contributing to keep their communities clean.

The students are looking forward to bringing in more free market speakers as well as organizing tours to local parks or power generating facilities to foster conversation and understanding about conservation and energy production.