CFACT is hiring!

CFACT:  Program Coordinator Position

Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow is a national non-profit organization on the cutting edge of today’s environmental debate with chapters at universities across the United States, including one at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  Like all CFACT chapters, the UMN chapter is an independent, student-run campus group dedicated to addressing a variety of important public-interest issues.

CFACT strongly believes that most consumer and environmental problems are best met and overcome – not through excessive government regulation and bureaucracy – but rather, by unleashing the power of the capitalist free-enterprise system and the ingenuity of science and technology.

CFACT’s campus education program relies principally on a growing legion of collegiate activists and interns who reach multitudes of their fellow students with our exciting, upbeat message. Typical campus programs include: ecology awareness hikes and cleanup programs; field trips to local recycling centers, power plants, and other innovative industrial facilities; surveys that gauge ecological and economic awareness on campus; lectures with leading scientists, public policy experts, and free-market thinkers from around the world; campus outreach such as regular meetings and distribution of Fact Sheets and educational posters; and participation in annual Earth Day events.

The ideal candidate is a person with a college degree and 2-4 years of experience with grass roots organizing.  The candidate must be able to understand CFACT’s issue set and be able and willing to teach it to others.  The candidate should be a self-starter and enjoy working independently while setting and achieving ambitious goals for the programs.  Experience in student leadership and supervision, such as serving as an RA in a residence hall, leader of a student organization, president of a Greek house, captain of a club team or other leadership position would be helpful in understanding the position.

The position will pay $25,000-$30,000 based on experience and will include full health coverage, flex time hours, and 4 weeks of vacation.  The position is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Applicants will be expected to:

* Work well under pressure

* Have the ability to multi-task

* Be organized

* Be able to work with students of diverse backgrounds

* Work independently

* Recruit, direct, and supervise approximately 100 college-level members and interns

* Develop and implement semester plans including one-hour weekly meetings

* Create flexible scheduling

* Assist in creating, presenting, and defending organization’s budget

* Manage office

Please email a resume and cover letter to Bill Gilles at [email protected]