CFACT Eco Summit 2018 Quick Facts

  • What is the Eco Summit?
    The Eco Summit is CFACT’s annual student retreat where we bring in free market environmentalism policy speakers, host activism workshops, and have fun in nature or the surrounding city!
  • Where is the location of this years Eco Summit?
    Eco Summit 2018 will be in Tampa and Port Charlotte, FL
  • Is there a cost to Eco Summit?
    Besides baggage fees or personal spending money, all other costs and expenses, including hotel room and food, are covered by CFACT
  • How long is the summit?
    The Eco Summit will run from the evening of Friday, December 28 until the morning of Monday December 31
  • Who is going?
    College student leaders from all over the country
  • How can I sign up for Eco Summit or learn more details?
    All interested should reach out to Adam Houser at [email protected]
  • Where else has the Eco Summit been held?
    The Eco Summit has been held everywhere from the lakes of Minnesota, to the beaches of Cancun, to the inner harbor of Baltimore, MD. Here are some photos from our previous student leadership retreats: