CFACT Eco-Summit 2012

CFACT is hosting its annual Eco-Summit this Summer from Thursday July 26-Sunday July 29th.  Once again the conference will be hosted at the beautiful Lake Woods Resort in Cable WI, (2 hour drive from Minneapolis/St. Paul airport).  The summit is for students who are already active on campus and for those who want to become more active on their campuses.

This year’s Eco-Summit will focus on resource extraction – namely oil drilling, mineral/coal mining and related issues such as drilling in ANWR, deep sea drilling operations, fracking, rare earth mining, and gold mining.

We will be hosting several expert speakers (Marc Morano, Lord Christopher Monckton, to name a few) on these issues that will address the importance of these activities, address leftists concerns, and contrast these activities with environmental pie-in-sky ‘solutions’.

We will also host an update on the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainability.  CFACT was there to participate and demonstrate.

If you are interested in attending and have not yet registered please email abdul@cfactcampus immediately while there is still time left.