CFACT chapter starts at U of Maryland!

Property rights, fracking, species conservation, and environmental stewardship. It was a jam packed discussion over pizza at the University of Maryland in College Park.

IMG_2410Students got together to discuss the environmental issues that they are passionate about, and how they can use those passions to grow a CFACT chapter at UMD.

The club’s new president, Vignesh Yuvaraj, a grad student studying telecommunications, was fired up. “It was awesome learning more about environmental stewardship through alternative means like the free market and individuals. We can’t wait to grow our group here!”

The club plans to perform campus outreach in the coming weeks. Some members discussed distributing bird decals or deer whistles as examples of unique solutions to environmental problems. Bird decals help prevent birds from flying into windows, while deer whistles keep deer from approaching the road as your car passes by. Others were considering a survey on a pertinent issue to try to engage with their peers and get them involved.

As the new CFACT chapter grows and pulls off their campus strategy, you can be sure that the students will fight for science and look to make an impact in their community in any way they can by putting talk into action.