CFACT brings free market environmentalism to TPUSA Black Leadership Summit

Students crowd CFACT’s table to learn more about property rights and energy

Capitalism saves the planet.

That’s the positive, pro-progress message CFACT discussed with young black leaders from all over the country who were in Washington DC for Turning Point USA’s Black Leadership Summit.

Hundreds of students and young professionals gathered to hear from speakers like Deneen Borelli, a conservative author and television personality, Jerome Hudson, entertainment editor for Breitbart, and even President Trump himself, when conference attendees were invited to the White House midway through the event.

Students and attendees listen to speakers discuss conservative principles

CFACT sponsored the conference and was able to explain how the doom and gloom environmental message is not the only side to the issue.

Technological innovation, through free market capitalism, has and will continue to solve the majority of the world’s environmental problems.

Conference attendees and students were enthusiastic to get more involved. June, a student at Rider University in New Jersey said: “I definitely want to bring [CFACT] to campus to speak.”

“As a society advances and develops,” explained Adam Houser, Director of Collegians for CFACT, “they become more efficient in their resource use and have a better ability to control trash and pollution. When you aren’t worried as much about education or feeding your family, you finally have time to say ‘hey, let’s make sure our forests are protected and our lakes are clean.'”

CFACT student Isabella watches as an enthusiastic attendee proudly wears his “Say ‘NO’ to the Green New Deal” pin CFACT was handing out

Isabella Veru, a student a NOVA community college who is soon transferring to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, was there to help CFACT spread the word.

“I was really glad to help out and learn more about the process of fracking in particular,” Isabella said. “I appreciate CFACT for giving me the opportunity to get more involved!”

CFACT also promoted the process of fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing for natural gas, with conference attendees.

Displaying a sign that said: “FRACK the Paris Climate Accord!” CFACT explained that fracking for natural gas has done more to lower CO2 emissions than the Paris Accord ever could – which is why the USA is leading much of the world in emissions reduction, beating even most of the European Union.

Students discuss CFACT’s mission with Isabella as they sign up to learn more

“You can reject the idea that we’re all going to die in 12 years and still show that free markets always have the better solutions when compared to big government – whether you think something is a problem or not,” Houser added.

CFACT is proud to partner with organizations like Turning Point USA that are pioneering outreach to black leaders on conservative and libertarian philosophy. Look for more great things from the young leaders that CFACT recruited at this conference across the country in the months to come.