CFACT at ULL uses the left’s enviro arguments against them

How are college students so frequently drawn to liberal causes? It’s because they are subjected to a never ending barrage of indoctrination from their professors, peers, and classes. CFACT at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette decided it was high time to battle this one-sided barrage of misinformation.

Students wrote engaging questions on posters and held them in high traffic areas of campus to attract their peers to interact with them. They said things like: “Should carbon emissions be regulated?” and “Should the federal government manage forests?” Once their friends were engaged in providing their opinion, the CFACT collegians used it as an opportunity to give them the other side of the issue.

“Some people would say ‘yeah we should regulate carbon emissions’ but then we would let them know that according to climatologist Judith Curry formerly of Georgia Tech, big carbon regulations like the Clean Power Plan will prevent less than 0.03 degrees F of global warming 85 years from now,” said junior Joe Shamp. “And then a lot of them were like, ‘oh wow, I never realized that.’ It opens a lot of their minds up.”

The event was also designed as an opportunity to protect free speech. Some students that engaged with the group were on CFACT’s side on many of the issues, and this provided them an opportunity to write on the poster boards for everyone to see that they didn’t agree with the typical leftist narrative.

The outreach effort was a part of CFACT’s Keep Calm Climate Changes campaign, which educates students on the facts behind climate change and global warming.