CFACT explains real energy at UCLA


CFACT recently teamed up with the California Freedom Project to tackle local issues at UCLA. Like CFACT, CFP is a non-profit organization that focuses on free-market solutions to our current problems. Many students approached the table with questions, and CFACT activist Deepak Sahni had answers! Key discussions during the day centered on California’s environmental issues. Talking points were California water laws creating shortages, and the war on affordable energy. Debates were encouraged on cap and trade, and students were especially interested in high gas prices.

“The tabling event was a great success!” said Deepak Sahni who held the event. “Students are feeling the consequences of big government regulations.”


CFP happens to be the only free market youth organization in California making it especially important that our Collegians work together with this passionate organization. CFP affirms that the battle against excessive government regulation is long term making it that much more important to start building the foundation now for the next generation.