Ohio State hosts in depth discussion on nuclear energy

CFACT club members pose after their meeting discussing nuclear energy!

Collegians at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio held meetings of the official CFACT club on campus to discuss the energy issues facing the nation and the world. At the top of the list of discussion was nuclear power.
“Nuclear should be the uniting force of those on the right and the left,” said CFACT President Kenny Horsley. “It is incredibly efficient, clean, and reliable. Unfortunately, many environmentalists aren’t in favor of it, despite it having zero CO2 emissions.”
A senior at OSU and club president, Kenny presented facts to club members so that they were well informed on the topic when discussing it with their peers going forward.

A glimpse of Kenny’s presentation on nuclear to club members.

“According to the research I did, the United States accounts for 30% of world nuclear production, and 20% of our energy comes from nuclear.”
This topic is especially relevant as plans like the “Green New Deal” are pushed in Congress and initiatives for 100% renewable energy were recently voted on in western states this past election cycle. Many of those ballot measures did not include nuclear in their definition of “renewables.”
While many environmentalists acknowledge that nuclear is good in terms of CO2, they cite safety concerns. Fukushima is frequently cited as the poster child for nuclear not being safe. But according to nuclear physicist Dr. Kelvin Kemm, Fukushima was actually a picture of how nuclear is incredibly safe.

CFACT Collegians Director Adam Houser updates club members on CFACT’s efforts around the nation and the world.

“…total people killed by radiation, zero. Total injured, zero. Total private property damaged by radiation, zero. Expected long term effects on people; zero.” All injuries and damage was caused by the tsunami, with nothing having to do with the Fukushima plant.
Also at the meeting was CFACT Director of Collegians Adam Houser. “Nuclear energy should be the future. I have no problem with fossil fuels, they’re great. But where it is feasible, nuclear can be even more efficient and clean. It baffles me that there is so much misinformation out there and that the Left does not embrace nuclear any longer.”