CFACT at AU Exposes Hypocrisy of Climate Activists During Pope Visit

The Capitol was a buzz the last few days as Pope Francis stopped in town to visit the masses and call on Congress to take action on climate change. In addition to Catholics and people of all faiths flocking to DC to see the leader of the church-you guessed it-climate activists were there, using the media to try to convince the world that Catholics, Christians, and people of faith were rallying behind Pope Francis on his call to solve global warming.

Students at American University went behind enemy lines to expose the truth. What they found was that the rallies claiming to boast people of faith joining together for action on climate change were really just climate activists attempting to use the Pope for their own liberal agenda.

The best part, most of those in attendance didn’t even believe in God! And they certainly were not convinced by the Pope’s position on climate to think more critically about other matters faith and Catholic teaching, such as issues like abortion.

If the Pope and the Vatican think that by taking a step closer to the left on climate change they would make people more open to serious matters of faith and morality, they are flat out wrong.

Check out some of the unbelievable responses of climate activists below!