CFACT Activists brave the rain to spread the word at UM Dearborn!

If you live in the Midwest, you know one simple thing: rain can be quite a pain. However, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator Bob Knee braved the rain and floods out in Michigan to spread the good word about CFACT’s mission and values. The students at UM-Dearborn were warm and respectful, and very curious about what CFACT could do to help Michigan’s environmental issues such as deer overpopulation.

CFACT Field Coordinator Bob Knee engages an enthusiastic young couple

Knee hit the campus hard, distributing CFACT-sponsored reports and deer whistles to help keep deer safe (and protect the students’ cars!). Though UM-Dearborn is a predominantly commuter school, there were still plenty of students eager to engage with our CFACT mission. ”It was a good day out there,” Knee stated, “Especially given the inclement weather conditions, I was really surprised to see the reception we got. Whenever you’ve got students willing to talk to you in the middle of heavy rain, you know its gonna be a good day. The kids here are fired up and eager to learn more about what we do and who we are.”

Due to the fact students were mainly indoors, Knee made the decision to walk around indoors and try to pamphlet in there. ”Because I made that decision, I got to walk around a lot on campus. This is a pretty remarkable place. I loved checking out the Engineering building. They have mock-up racecars in there that the automotive engineering students built. They have miniature rockets in there with the school’s motto painted on them, too.” He stated, concluding ”Even in the rain, you really can feel the energy here. The kids at this campus are up to some really cool stuff!”

Knee noticed that they were out of newspapers at the newspaper stand.
He decided to help!

Knee will be on-campus every day until Friday, and in Michigan until Saturday. If you’re in Michigan, and would like to say hi to your friends at CFACT, feel free to stop by!