Catholic University of America students host “Climate Hustle 2” watch party

Event organizer Joe Frederick sets up the movie showing as attendees tune in!

Students are in the heat of finals, papers, and projects, but that didn’t stop CFACT at the Catholic University of America from hosting a virtual screening of Climate Hustle 2!

Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy, premiered in the fall of 2020 after COVID lockdowns prevented the nationwide theater showings originally planned for the documentary. Despite these challenges, the movie was viewed in about 100 countries around the world, and exposed the lies and hypocrisy of the radical Left’s climate change agenda.

Earlier this semester Collegians at Catholic University screened CFACT’s first film, Climate Hustle, to get a better understanding of the science. Climate Hustle 2 delves into the political agenda and hypocrisy of the environmental Left.

Students that tuned in for the showing had nothing but praise: “Nice and informative, hit the major flaws of the left’s stances on climate change,” said a student named Erick.

“It is very interesting how there are political agendas implicit in movements that can affect humanity in a good or bad way. This documentary has given me reasons to doubt everything that I see in the media,” said fellow student Diego.

While Biden and his cadre of radical environmentalists aim to destroy American energy and sovereignty, CFACT students are making a difference on their campuses to show the leaders of tomorrow that there’s more to these issues than the media reports.