Stop Playing Games With Hunger Campaign

What is the Campaign?

zambia@1200Starvation and energy poverty are real problems facing millions of people in the developing world. Genetically Modified Food, or GMOs, could be used to fight malnutrition and feed millions of people. For example, one crop, Golden Rice, can prevent malnutrition that causes 500,000 children to go blind around the world every year. New fossil fuel technology could also be used to provide a safe, clean energy to millions who go without necessities, like refrigeration, we take for granted every day.

Radical environmentalists have destroyed fields of GMO crops that were being tested to see if they could feed starving people around the world and prevent disease. These groups have also opposed the development of power infrastructure in the name of “protecting” the environment. It is time to expose these inhumane acts and give people in the developing world the food, power, and energy they need to survive.

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In the developing world hunger and poverty is not a game. We need to take action and support policies that promote real positive change. We need to utilize the free market and the incredible power of science and technology to put the odds back in their favor. Agricultural technology, like GMO’s, can feed millions and fossil fuels can provide cheap, life saving energy.  If we do not use all of the tools available to us, the odds will never be in the developing world’s favor.

How can I get involved?

You can make a difference in many ways.

  • Sign up to receive more information about these issues and what CFACT is doing to fight on your behalf
  • Provide an e-mail address and we will be sure to keep you up-to-date on energy-related issues, news, and events.
  • Host a speaker
  • Show a video on your campus
  • Conduct a workshop
  • Write an op-ed
  • Plan an event unique to your area that can get other students involved in our efforts.
  • Lead the charge on your campus by founding a CFACT chapter.

Our team will work closely with you to help develop goals and plans that will empower you to make the biggest difference throughout this school year.