Give Freedom A Chance Writing Contest

CFACT is excited to announce its “Give Freedom A Chance” Writing Contest has a new deadline of January 18!

So finish those finals and rest up over break, then get ready to win some money!

Liberty loving and conservative students across the nation will be able to compete for cash prizes. Entering is simple, just write a letter to the editor of your school or local paper explaining how the free-market can do a better job than big government on the issues of climate, energy, or GMO’s.

Simply submit a copy of your published letter to the editor to either Adam Houser or Justin Myhra to enter! The submission deadline is Monday, January 18th. This contest is open to all current college and university students!


Looking for ideas? Check out the CFACT’s blog section and CFACT campaigns for some awesome ideas!

Want to write a letter to the editor about climate change? Check out CFACT’s Keep Calm-Climate Changes campaign!

Interested in writing a letter to the editor about energy policy and fracking? Check out CFACT’s Frack U campaign!

Check out CFACT’s Stop Playing Games with Hunger campaign if you want to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the developing world. Write a letter to the editor about GMO’s and energy poverty!

Letter to the Editor Advice

Is this your first time writing a letter to the editor? Don’t worry, CFACT has your covered. Check out our letter to the editor writing tips below!

  • Your Op-Ed should be no longer than 800 words.
  • Let the reader know you are a student and mention it to the editor, it will increase your chances of being published!
  • The letter must be timely, make sure you are writing about something relevant. If you are writing about something that happened a while back say “recently” or “not too long ago.”
  • Don’t start with a quote and don’t use too many.
  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and easy to understand. If the editor thinks it looks confusing or boring they won’t even consider it.
  • Have the Op-Ed done before you ask if the paper will publish you!
  • Send the Op-Ed in the body of the email as well as an attachment.
  • If you can find the actual email of the editor, send it to a personal email as well as the general LTE submission email.
  • Explain why your Op-Ed should be published in the email you send. 
  • Call the editor to follow up if you don’t hear anything after a day or two.

Here is an example letter to the editor submission email:

Subject: Op-Ed Submission-Why Pizza Can Save Your Life

Hi Mr. Smith, Below is my op-ed titled Why Pizza Can Save Your Life. It’s very relevant to your readers at the Elmswood Times because statistics show that people in Elmswood eat more pizza than any other town in the State. I show that contrary to scientific belief, pizza can actually extend your life. Please find my letter to the editor attached and let me know if you have any questions and I thank you for your consideration!

Best, Adam