Beef or Bugs at Indiana University

The World Economic Forum has made no effort to hide their influence on the world stage as they push Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset agenda. Part of this plan is to limit meat consumption, making it “an occasional treat, not a staple for the good of the environment” and replacing it with various alternative protein sources including insects. To bring attention to this plan, CFACT roll out its new “beef or bugs” activism kit at the University of Indiana which consists of beef jerky and edible crickets participants can select from.

Greg talks with student about the great reset (top) and the table display (bottom)

National Field Director Greg Neff, standing in the shadow of the campus’ massive clock tower, conversed with nearly 100 Hoosiers about moving from “beef to bugs” as well as other radical environmental propositions. Students, not surprisingly, overwhelmingly preferred beef jerkey when given the choice of munching on it or the crickets contained in the activism kit. Over the course of many hours, only a single person named Ben accepted the crunchy bugs – and his reasoning wasn’t even made as a decision for the environment. Ben said, “I don’t favor banning meat, but I want to try the crickets.” He followed up by giving this assessment of the Fiesta Flavored Tricky Cricky Snacks, “these are actually pretty good.”