Becker College in Massachusetts screens “Not Evil Just Wrong”

Event attendees discuss the issues addressed in the film.

With the midterm elections just recently behind us, environmental issues are once again front and center. For example, the newly elected Democratic leadership in the House wants to resurrect a special committee on climate change to hammer the Trump administration’s reforms.
In light of this, Collegians at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts scheduled a screening and discussion of the documentary Not Evil Just Wrong in partnership with Young Americans for Liberty clubs from across the State and CFACT. The documentary goes through the price that burdensome environmental regulations have on the livelihoods of low-income Americans and the most vulnerable around the world.
“The film was an excellent catalyst for discussion and debate of what our environmental regulations should look like,” said Daniel Jackson, organizer of the event and a senior at Becker. “For students who prioritize liberty, we need to have a government that doesn’t trample on our rights and freedoms while keeping our air and water clean.”

Event organizer Dan Jackson takes a selfie after the screening and discussion!

The film explains how big-government solutions to climate change such as “Cap and Trade” or carbon taxes and so-called revenue neutral carbon “fees”, unnecessarily increase the cost of energy for the least fortunate. Not Evil Just Wrong also goes into detail on how the banning of the chemical DDT has resulted in millions more dead from malaria in the developing world.
“The conversations we all had afterwards were excellent. These are things that students need to be thinking about as they enter the real world as a voter or try to start a career in the government or political realm.”
The movie was filmed in part by investigative journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who also created the great documentary Fracknation, which combats the lies thrown at the process of fracking for obtaining natural gas.
“We hope to continue to partner with student groups like this to spread the message of free market environmentalism,” said Adam Houser, CFACT’s National Director of Collegians. “Libertarian and conservative groups need to unite to make sure we defend our private property rights, keep our environment clean, and secure access to affordable, reliable, and efficient energy.”