Auburn Showcases Free Market Solution to Deer Collisions

200 deaths annually, 10,000 personal injuries, 1 million car accidents. These are not the statistics of texting or drunk driving, but rather of deer to automobile collisions in the United States each year. Collegians at Auburn University knew there had to be a way to address this ever prevalent issue that flies under everyone’s radar. To bring awareness to the problem, they handed out free deer whistles on Auburn’s campus.

IMG_1344While not scientifically guaranteed to work, deer whistles are one way to save human lives and those of the deer as well. When placed near the grill of an automobile, the air passing through the whistle when the car is moving makes a sound that is unperceivable to humans, but is as clear as day to the deer. It is shown that some animals then freeze in their tracks when they hear the sound, reducing the chance that they could wander into the road as your car gets closer. IMG_1355

“It’s a really important issue, and one that people have to start thinking about right now,” said senior Troy Beckham. “Deer mating and migration season is fall through December, and that’s when most collisions are. Deer whistles are an innovative solution to an environmental problem without the government getting involved.”

When students were made aware of the statistics of deer collisions, they were eager to try out the innovative solution. This is just one example of how CFACT displays true environmental stewardship on universities and colleges across the nation.

IMG_1365While hugging trees and retweeting photos of hunted animals may feel good, CFACT takes real steps to protect both humans and animals, all without the government interfering in people’s lives.