Ann Coulter takes on political correctness during University of Central Florida speech!

Ann Coulter addresses the socially distanced, mask wearing crowd from behind the plexiglass shield, per UCF’s COVID-19 rules.

Political pundit and best-selling author Ann Coulter gave a fiery speech at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando where she slammed political correctness, media bias, and censorship of college conservatives.

While Coulter was covered by a plexiglass shield at her podium per the school’s coronavirus rules, Coulter didn’t let that hold her back from giving her usual opinionated, and at times controversial, musings on the political happenings of the day.

“The saying used to be ‘Better dead than Red.’ Now it’s ‘Better dead than rude!'” Coulter joked as she hammered the obsession of the political class with avoiding any controversial issues that could get them bad headlines.

She went on to say: “Any suggestion that we protect American jobs, American neighborhoods, American lives, is met by cries of ‘racist, racist!'”

The event was cosponsored by CFACT, the Leadership Institute, and Turning Point USA. CFACT’s campus Driessen Fellow at UCF, Jesse Wooten, introduced Coulter and performed a significant portion of the set up for the event.

“I am honored to have been given the opportunity to help host Ann Coulter at my campus,” Jesse said. “I have looked up to Ms. Coulter for a long time and It’s time we start allowing conservative voices to be heard on campus, ones that are opposed to group think and encourage self education.”

During the Q&A, Coulter was asked how colleges and universities can become more welcoming to young conservatives and free speech in general.

Jesse Wooten, UCF student and CFACT Driessen Fellow, introduces Coulter before her speech.

“There are a lot of ways [the Left] comes up with to harass a conservative group bringing the conservative speaker,” Coulter replied. “They make conservatives pay for the security, basically allowing Leftist radicals to shut things down…Often what happens is that it’s some idiot bureaucrat with a lot of power.”

“There are laws…they require colleges getting state funding to allow speakers if a speaker is sponsored by students,” Coulter suggested.

Earlier in her speech Coulter explained how wrong the media and the pollsters were in predicting the election results.

“This was gonna be a ‘blue wave, a tsunami – remember they were gonna flip Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Iowa, Ohio, Maine…no, below the presidential election which was a dead heat, virtual tie, we had a huge red wave.”

You can watch her entire speech here.