What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

What would you do for a klondike bar? Agree that cap and trade, or rather “tax and trade” schemes are not the best solution for environmental and energy issues?! Today, CFACT University of Oregon spent the afternoon handing out Klondike bars and information about cap and trade with the CFACT polar bear. It was suprising to see how many students didn’t even know what Cap and Trade was…let alone all the negative consequences it would produce. Students that took Klondike bars from our polar bear learned some basics about what the proposed legislation would mean for them:
1. Huge price increases…nearly $3,000 per household.
2. Loss of jobs, even when accounting for new “green jobs”
3. No tangible results…it will not reduce temperatures by even
1%…(which even supporters do not deny).

Students that agreed with us were urged to sign the “All pain, No gain!” petition. If YOU think Congress should not pass cap and trade legislation, make your voice heard – sign our petition TODAY and spread the word to everyone you know. Simply visit: http://allpainnogain.cfact.org/

Way to ROCK the klondike bars today, CFACT UofO!!