Video: WVU students find out USA leads world in CO2 reduction!

Leftists around the world have condemned the United States for leaving the Paris Climate Accord in 2017. But what has actually happened with carbon dioxide emissions around the world?

A chart showing the reductions, and increases, in CO2 around the world. The USA leads the world in CO2 reductions.

CFACT at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV showed students data from a report developed by economics and finance professor Mark J. Perry at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus, showing the United States actually leads the world in CO2 emissions reduction, despite leaving the Paris Climate Accord.
The report was formed from the BP statistical review of global energy of June, 2018.
“It was great showing my fellow students what is actually going on with CO2 emissions,” said Nathan Burdette, a sophomore at WVU. “Technology, through fracking for natural gas, has done way more to reduce emissions than a carbon tax ever could.”
Sorry leftists! If CO2 is an issue, the Paris accord, or any carbon tax or fee, isn’t going to reduce emissions. In fact, the emissions of many European  nations, the supposed “green” leaders, have actually increased despite signing onto Paris.