Vanderbilt students eloquently defend fracking

Despite much of America’s college-aged population buying into leftist talking points, especially on energy and the environment, students at Vanderbilt University showed incredible support for fossil fuels and fracking in a video CFACT made on campus. 

Fracking, otherwise known as “hydraulic fracturing” is a process of retrieving natural gas and oil from shale under the Earth’s surface, and has been the driver of the natural gas and energy revolution in America in recent years. Fracking has been vilified by the Left, despite every claim of theirs (such as that it pollutes water) being debunked by science and studies.

There were a few outliers, as you can see from the video. But those in support of fracking deftly and eloquently defended the technology, such as Matthew Colleran, who explained how it is a clean way of obtaining energy, is great for the economy, and has helped millions in the country.

Check out their awesome responses (and some of the eyebrow-raising claims of the one girl who was against it) in the video: