UWASH collegians put entrepreneurial innovation on display to save lives

There are 200 deaths that occur each year due to collisions with deer, and there are 10,000 personal injuries and 1 million car accidents annually. CFACT at the University of Washington, Seattle decided to distribute deer whistles to the student body to help prevent these deaths and injuries. The main sticking point was, however, that this is a product developed and manufactured by a private company, not through a government mandate.

Lange Solberg, a masters student at UWash, said “You know a friend of mine just a few months ago hit a deer early in the morning. Ended up in the ICU for weeks. This is a great technological solution to the problem.”

By installing a simple product on an automobile, one can drastically reduce the chances of such an accident. Once the students’ minds are opened up on how a private company can provide a unique environmental solution, it opens their minds to how technological innovation and the free market can help in other ways as well.

“This is a great idea,” said freshman Marla Meza. “I’ll definitely sign up for a club that does this stuff.”

While the left at universities talk tough about protecting the planet and saving wildlife, they hardly do anything to make a difference about it, other than complain about capitalism. This just gives them attention, and doesn’t solve anything. CFACT students, on the other hand, walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.