UPitt Students host CFACT’s own Gabriella Hoffman!

Your friends at CFACT have been busy in the fight to keep pressure on the Left on campus. Whether that be through events we have planned, activism events on-campus, off-campus activities such as hikes or litter clean-ups, or our voter education drives, CFACT is now and forever shall remain in the fight. One of the ways we keep pressure on the Libs on campus is by hosting speakers that rival their left-wing narrative on climate change, and the students at the University of Pittsburgh’s Bradford campus did that flawlessly by hosting CFACT’s own Gabriella Hoffman for a virtual speaking event!

For those who might not know Gabby, she is the host of the wonderful District of Conservation podcast. The podcast, sponsored by CFACT, can be found on our website or on any of your preferred podcast hosts. Gabby is also a columnist at Townhall, and has won several awards for her writing. She made sure to highlight this during her speech, highlighting that “the decline of hunters can threaten how the United States pay for conservation..if we don’t have active participants who go fishing and hunting, the funds and revenues [that fund our national parks] are going to dry up.”

Gabriella also talked about current events, and the current state of the environmental debate. “[CFACT is] largely going to be opposing what comes out of the Biden Administration because of just the speed with which they’re pushing all of these executive orders. It doesn’t seem like there’s any input yet…” she noted, adding that “there doesn’t seem to be any input from true conservationists yet. They kind of want to satisfy their donors more so.” She did, however, highlight the problems the Biden Administration will run into, namely that they are currently being sued by several states who are the victims of his disastrous decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline via executive fiat. They are also facing a lawsuit from Western oil groups for their decision to block drilling on federal lands. Gabriella then elaborated on Biden’s policy proposals, and included ways that the CFACT students could get more involved and get people to care about the environment. She mentioned Michael Shellenberger’s book, which you can buy here, and offered some resources to students. Gabby mentioned PERC and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and a few others.

We’d like to give a special CFACT shout-out to our fantastic students at University of Pittsburgh’s Bradford campus for putting on this fantastic event. Their leader, Shakira Jackson, really knows how to put on a fun Zoom event! In order to entice members to come, they raffled off some CFACT swag, and some lucky members won a brand-new CFACT shirt! Keep up the excellent work, Shakira!