University of Minnesota CFACT Students Tour Aquarium!

Students at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities made time between classes and exams to tour the Sea Life Aquarium In the Mall of America and learn about species under the sea. Apart from the educational experience of learning more about the vast biodiversity of these animals, it also was a great example of how a free market mechanism could help enhance our understanding of these species as well as educate the scientific community on ways to better help their ecosystem. 

One of the big blunders of the greens is that they believe the climate is best left without mankind and that man is his esence is a poluter only. Aquariums and zoos however tell a different story. Aquariums like Sea Life invest thousands into helping hurt and wounded animals found in the wild as well as give the public a chance to learn and enjoy the animals in a spectacular environment. Many of the sea creatures are also able to reproduce with out fear of predators commonly found in the wild. This helps grow the numbers of species at risk of extinction and endangerment.

Events like this one are part of CFACT’s SOS (Save Our Species) Campaign, which encourages private ownership of animals as a way to help preserve species.