University of Georgia: Liberty abounds as students hold free speech tabling event!

Students at the University of Georgia decided to put liberty into action buy holding a free speech wall event on campus. The event was done to combat the hostile environment toward conservative viewpoints on college campuses in regards to speakers, students, and organizations. “By highlighting the first amendment on campus and allowing students to voice their concerns on a variety of issues we are able to combat censorship as well as teach the value of having the freedom of speech in our country,” says CFACT Associate Director Graham Beduze. ” Something as foundational as the first amendment is constantly under attack at universities across the country and many students have no idea.”
One way universities have been censoring students and student groups on campus is by having unconstitutional “free speech zones” which are areas around the campus where activism and tabling events have to be held.  Any attempt to hand out pocket constitutions or informational literature outside the designated free speech zone have been met with warnings to return to the zone or face expulsion form campus. The free speech wall event helped to draw awareness to this infringement of liberty and arms students with the facts to fight back against these unconstitutional free speech zones.
The event also allowed students to ask questions about the first amendment and our constitution and hear a different answer from their typical radical leftwing professors, as well as engage and network with fellow liberty minded students around campus.