UMSL Fights Liberal Bias on Campus!

2015-10-20 15.25.19Liberal bias is everywhere in academia, especially when it comes to the environment. All the more reason for CFACT to show students how the free market is the best way to protect the environment. CFACT recently visited the University of Missouri-Saint Louis to show students how big government isn’t the big answer when it comes to the environment.

Some students were surprised to learn about CFACT, especially since CFACT is so much different from the other environmental groups they have heard about. Some scoffed at the idea of not relying on government, but others thought it was a good idea. Kenny, a psych student, said, “I care about the environment, but I don’t think big government is they right approach. Using the free market is a great way to protect the environment…I don’t want the government turning anymore rivers yellow.”

Other students agreed with what Kenny said. While others students pointed out the environment is everyone’s problem, and it is foolish to think it is something the only the government can handle.  “People should be taking care of the environment not the government” said Matt.  “I live in a dorm and no one likes to take clean of the community kitchen, it is always someone else’s problem. That is what happens with environment when the government gets involved. The environment is always someone else’s problem.” Matt brings up a very valid point. People need to take responsibility for the world we live in, they have to stop relying on the government to fix the problems we face today.