UCLA and CFACT adopt action plan to bring real science back to California

CFACT’s Graham Beduze addresses students at UCLA

The “People’s Republic of California,” as the state has come to be called, is about to get a dose of facts.

CFACT is working with like minded groups across California to forge stronger relationships with conservative and libertarian students alike.

Associate Director of Collegians Graham Beduze spoke to the Turning Point chapter at UCLA to explain the importance of real conservation and free market environmentalism.

“It was great to learn that there is an organization out there that is giving conservative students a voice on environmental issues,” said Barbara, a student at UCLA and a member of the club.

The students and Graham talked about important issues pertaining to California such as drought and fire prevention.

“Free markets and limited government hold the solutions to these problems, not big government, not socialism,” added Graham.

CFACT’s Graham Beduze (left), Dr. Peter Felker (center) and Dr. Matt Malkan (right) discuss plans to expand California’s network of conservative students.

Additionally CFACT met with Dr. Matt Malkan in astronomy and Dr. Peter Felker of the chemistry department at UCLA to discuss how they can help foster this new network of real conservationists. 

“We discussed getting speakers on campus and creating avenues for discourse on campus through internships or writers to submit a letter to the editor to the Daily Bruin newspaper,” Graham added.

There’s a new light of science and facts about to break through in California, and with the team of potential faculty advisers, the new group of interested students, and the plans to reinvigorate the conservative news paper, real science is about to have a home again at prestigious UCLA.