U of Minnesota hosts 2nd Annual Free Speech Comedy Night!

Students enjoy the edgy comedy competition celebrating free speech, defying recent attacks from ANTIFA on campus.

CFACT-UMN hosted its 2nd annual Free Speech Comedy Night featuring a competition between local up and coming comedians followed by headliner Brian Miller.

“The main reason for this annual event is to protect free speech on campus,” said club president and UMN sophomore Michael Ziebarth. “Comedy is one of the many parts of culture that has been destroyed by political correctness so we invite comedians to be edgy and funny.  Quality comedy is something that we need to preserve particularly on college campuses where far left progressives reign.”

The local comedians were Mo Yaqub, Ryan Kahl , Aaron Isaacs, Alvin Irby and Brian McDaniel. While students in attendance considered all to be edgy and hilarious, the judges decided on Mo Yaqub as the winner.

The free speech comedy night was more important now than ever, as just last month CFACT at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities was protested and physically assaulted by ANTIFA for inviting conservative and libertarian speaker Lauren Southern to speak.

The final comedian contestants perform as the judges get ready to make their decision on who won the night.

The issue of free speech on college campuses has become so heated that even members of Congress have begun to address it. According to U.S. News, Senator Lamar Alexander addressed the topic at a hearing on Capitol Hill this fall. “I hope the United States Congress won’t do what it often does and believe we’ve suddenly become wise enough to tell 6,000 colleges and universities what to do,” the Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, said. “[That’s a] bad idea. But there should be some sensible way to allow speakers to speak and audiences to listen while still protecting freedoms offered by the First Amendment.”

Conservative voices have been the main target of censors and restrictions on colleges and universities. Hopefully, hearings like this will begin to shed new light on the biased way administrations are handling conservative speakers and clubs. CFACT, particularly CFACT at UMN, will continue to fight for free speech and not back down, despite ANTIFA thugs using violence to silence ideas they disagree with.