The Story of Electricity

Today, the Institute for Energy Research led by economist and electricity expert Travis Fisher launched their innovative new project called “The Story of Electricity.” The interactive website along with a video provides a better understanding of the U.S. electric grid. The video points out that merely 4% of our electricity comes from wind and solar power, and only when the weather is just right. Coal, natural gas, and nuclear make up 86% of our electricity. These three main components are often criticized and taken for granted rather than appreciated for making reliable, affordable energy possible every day.


IER President Thomas Pyle believes the U.S. power grid is going to be the subject of heated debate. The institute is ready to inform those on electricity issues. “Our goal with ‘The Story of Electricity’ is to inform the American people about something we depend on each and every day without really ever thinking about where it comes from or whether it will be there for us tomorrow. This new tool delves into the technological innovations that power the electric grid as well as some of the policies that are shaping the future of electricity in the U.S. With a better understanding of the grid, Americans and their lawmakers will be better equipped to discuss some of the challenges that face our electricity system,” said Pyle.