Taking on Mainstream Media’s Climate Scare Tactics

CFACT National Field Director Greg Neff and Driessen Fellow Lucas LeJeune recently visited the campuse of the University of Louisiana, Lafayette and took time to speak to students about the fearmongering they see in the media and classroom surrounding the topic of “climate change. “

Utilizing CFACT’s new series of consecutive signs which lead up to the location where the duo were tabling, curious students saw sign after sign of containing failed catastrophic climate change predictions which made news headlines such as in 2013 when Earth Insight reported we were only 2 years away from an ice free arctic or in 2000 when The Independent reported that snow is “now a thing of the past” for the UK.

Greg Neff using a visual aid to show how little CO2 is actually in the atmosphere

When the students ultimately arrived at the table where Neff and LeJeune were stationed, they were asked this question: “Based upon what you hear on the news and from your professors, what percentage of the atmosphere do you think is CO2?” Students invariably gave high estimates such as 60%, 40%, and even 90%. They were astonished when the CFACT staffers informed them, with the help of beads in containers as visual aids, that the percentage is only 0.04% of the atmosphere and that a mere 3% of that was even manmade. The CFACT activists then explained how this lifegiving compound has been made into a boogeyman that is supposedly linked to catastrophic global warming, but the reality is the evidence is scant and predictions of “doom and gloom” have been failing to come to fruition for over 35 years.

One student passing by asserted, “I have always assumed what I was being told was mostly accurate, but you have really given me something to think about going forward. I am certainly going to be much more skeptical about what I read in the news in the future.”