Syracuse University CFACT Hosts Karen Moreau

Karen Moreau Speaks to CFACT Activists

Karen Moreau Speaks to CFACT Activists

CFACT at Syracuse University hosted Karen Moreau, the President, CEO and co-founder of the Foundation for Land and Liberty, for a speaking event in April of 2013.  Ms. Moreau spoke to a crowd of Syracuse activists about hydrofracking and the moratorium placed on the process by the state of New York.

Hyrdrofracking has a lot of positive economic effects, currently being enjoyed by neighboring states, that are being forsaken because of misinformation propagated by liberal environmental alarmists:

“The environmental side has played fast and loose with reports of contamination, trying to portray each case as an instance of fracking chemicals migrating up from the frack site deep below ground to foul the local water table and cause a host of health problems for people living near the drill sites. The documentary Gasland, which has provided many of the iconic images for the anti-fracking movement (like tap water that can be set on fire), provides a barrage of anecdotal evidence designed to imply this causal linkage. The problem is that the dramatic incidents portrayed in Gasland can be traced back to the two industry misdeeds: improper disposal of waste water and poorly cased wells; many of the other anecdotal reports of fracking contamination can likewise be explained.

In fact, after years of investigation the EPA has only substantiated one case of frack fluid migration up to a water table in Pavilion, Wyoming, at a well site that should not have been fracked in the first place since the reservoir rock and local water table were separated by only a few hundred vertical feet of rock, not the more than a mile like you typically find in formations like the Marcellus. This would indicate that fracking can be done relatively safely if drilling companies exercise due diligence and carefully dispose of their drilling wastes.” – Excerpt from policymic