Students promote sound science and policy at George Mason!

CFACT students Shammelah Silveron and David Bucarey recruit on campus!

Before the coronavirus crisis shut down schools across the nation, CFACT’s students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, set up a table to explain the principles of sound science and environmental policy to their peers.

The opportunity allowed CFACT’s leaders to recruit new members to its efforts on campus. Indeed, by obtaining a spot in the main dining hall and by using CFACT’s characteristic whit and charisma, student leaders David Bucarey and Shammelah Silveron were able to attract many interested students to sign up.

“We talked about free market environmentalism and how we can do litter clean ups and hikes, but we also want to host speakers to discuss the real science on climate change and energy,” said David, a junior and CFACT Driessen Fellow intern on campus.

With the passing of the great scientist Dr. Fred Singer, it is more important than ever to make sure college students hear from scientists skeptical of climate alarmism so they can continue to fight for Dr. Singer’s legacy of truth and facts.

A new recruit signs up to get involved with CFACT’s group at George Mason University

In Virginia, it is especially important to get young people involved, as the legislature passed and the Governor signed into law the Virginia Clean Economy Act this past month, which mandates that Virginia obtain 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. Such a drastic law will only increase corruption with lobbyists, drastically increase energy prices for the most vulnerable, and will do next to nothing to actually improve Virginia’s environment.

“We’re excited to get things started for next semester once things reopen to bring students the facts on these subjects. Expect big things from the group here at George Mason,” David added.