Pumpkins and Climate Part Deux

Back at the start of October news broke some Americans may have a pumpkin pieless Thanksgiving thanks to problems with this year’s pumpkin crop. Alarmists were quick to lay the blame for this year’s failed crop squarely on climate change. According to alarmists we have to stop climate change to make sure this pumpkin disaster never happens again. But this pumpkin disaster may be more complicated than the alarmists thought.

Yesterday the Washington Times reported the United States Department of Energy was going after a new source of climate change. What is this new source of climate change? The answer is quite surprising: pumpkins.

That is right! According to alarmists pumpkins are both a victim of climate change and a cause of climate change. On the one hand alarmists are pushing for us to fight climate change so we can save pumpkins from future climate change induced “extreme weather.” But on the other hand alarmists are condemning pumpkins for being part of the problem.

I think it is time to stop blaming everything on climate change (and blaming everything for climate change). Extreme weather happens. This isn’t the first time pumpkin crops have failed (back in 1901 90% of the pumpkin crop was destroyed by rain) and it will not be the last. Plus this ignores the fact there hasn’t been any global warming in over 18 years. Personally, I have had my fill of pumpkin talk.