Pro-hunting recruitment at George Mason!

Students attending the CFACT club meeting after recruiting on campus pose with the CFACT banner.

Earlier this school year, students at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA recruited on campus with a pro-hunting, pro-conservation message. To attract onlooking students, CFACT at the University brought an inflatable deer for supportive college students to sign in support of hunting.
“A lot of students enthusiastically came over to sign the deer and get involved with the club,” said David Bucarey, a sophomore at George Mason. “Across the political spectrum, the issue of hunting helps students realize that property rights and individuals can help steward the environment.”

A Mason student pauses on his way to class to sign his name in support of hunting on the inflatable deer.

Hunting is under attack in several areas of the United States. In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law ending the bear hunt on state land. The bear hunt previously helped mitigate the problem of bears wandering into neighborhoods for food, which creates very dangerous situations. Additionally, the radical anti-meat eating group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) erected signs throughout Baltimore criticizing people for eating the famous crabs that come from the area.
Collegians at George Mason are determined to stop such initiatives from making their way into Virginia.
After recruiting on campus, David and the new student sign ups met for an organizational meeting on campus to plan events for the future.

Student David Bucarey poses with CFACT Director of Collegians Adam Houser after tabling on campus.

“I think a lot of people were interested in going to a gun range,” David explained. “Even people who aren’t involved politically are interested in doing that. It’s a way to get them involved and start learning more about our issues.”
Look for some awesome events from this club going forward. Being near Washington D.C., the George Mason University chapter is a perfect place for involved students to testify at government meetings and hearings.