Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Nuclear at UGA

Georgia is poised to become the first state to construct new nuclear plants since the 1970’s.  Plans for the construction of two 1250 megawatt nuclear plants to be located near Waynesboro have already received the green light by regulators and, not unexpectedly, opposition by anti-nuclear green groups is now in full swing.


But do the young people of Georgia have similar reservations to those of the state’s greens?  Well according to a recent CFACT poll, the answer would appear “No” — at least not on the campus of the University of Georgia, Athens.


CFACT Collegians conducted their survey last week by asking over 1,000 students to express their opinion on the subject of nuclear power and found overwhelming support for the technology in Georgia.  The results of the survey are below:


As the poll shows, of the minority who hold reservations, the highest percentage (40.39%) expressed concerns over waste disposal issues, with the second highest worried about accidents and safety matters (26.67%).  Other concerns were varied and somewhat nebulous. Still the overwhelming numbers of students at UGA, roughly 7 in 10, are comfortable with having nuclear power in Georgia, an encouraging result and one certain to have the greens melting down.