Policy Analyst Shakira Jackson Takes Part in Revolution 2022

CFACT policy analyst, Shakira Jackson traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend the recent Revolution 2022 conference. The conference, which was done in association with the Young Americans for Liberty foundation, took place from August 4th to August 6th. Partnership was also established with the Liberty Candidate Academy. The message and intent of the conference is one that CFACT proudly stands behind and that message is in the name of the event itself. Revolution signifies the importance of fighting for our, currently under attack, American values of liberty and the necessary means to establish prosperity.

Jackson shows her enthusiasm for Bitcoin.

The conference comprised of both libertarian and republican students and representatives from across the country who were there to discuss current events and network with one another. Spearheads of the current ‘conservatarian’ movement included Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky and his father, former Texan representative, Ron Paul along with 2020 libertarian candidate and running mate of Jo Jorgensen, Spike Cohen. Perhaps the conference’s most peculiar guest was Knox County mayor and former WWE wrestler, Kane (a.k.a. Glenn Jacobs).

Jackson with Hannah Cox (media consultant for Americans For Prosperity and host of the Based Politics podcast).

The topics spanned a diverse spectrum with the biggest issue from the libertarian side being dismantling the Federal Reserve and the current IRS policy changes. From the conservationist and environmental portion of the event much was talked about regarding nuclear and other energy sources. Since Jackson has expertly participated in environmental policy testimonies she was adept at establishing new connections for CFACT with others who have political and policy passion for environmental issues and the current governmental trends that have an impact on them.

CFACT plans on sending more representatives like Jackson to conservative and libertarian events across the country in order to spread the word about our conservationist efforts. Upon returning from the gathering Jackson relayed, “I inspired other open-minded conservatives and libertarian students to challenge themselves and not just focus on social issues. CFACT promotes prosperity, liberty, and nature, and I emphasized this importance throughout my attendance.”