OSU screens “Not Evil Just Wrong” documentary

The 2020 presidential race has started, with different Democratic candidates declaring their intention to run every week. With each announcement comes more and more presidential candidates discussing climate change in their speeches.

Student attendees watch the documentary as it discusses the fallacies of “cap and trade” systems to limit and offset carbon emissions.

To help educate students on environmental issues in preparation for the campaign season, students at the Ohio State University scheduled a screening and discussion of the documentary Not Evil Just Wrong. The documentary goes through the consequences that burdensome environmental regulations have on the livelihoods of low-income Americans and the most vulnerable around the world.
“The documentary was really interesting,” student Kenneth Horsley said. “I was super shocked about the DDT issue and how it impacts the world.” Horsley is a senior and president of the CFACT chapter on campus.
Kenneth was referring to when Not Evil Just Wrong goes into detail on how the banning

Student Jacob Giermann watches the film at the club event.

of the chemical DDT has resulted in millions more dead from malaria in the developing world. This all mainly stems from the book Silent Spring, which cites dubious science on how the chemical impacts birds’ eggs.
The film also explains how big-government solutions to climate change such as carbon taxes and revenue neutral carbon “fees”, increase the cost of energy for the least fortunate with no benefit for the environment.
The movie was filmed in part by investigative journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who also prodcued Fracknation, which brings the truth in regards to the amazing process of fracking for obtaining natural gas.