Ohio State students “aim” to promote responsible gun rights

Students from the Ohio State University in Columbus, OH, gathered together to attend a Concealed Carry Weapon class to put their Second Amendment rights into practice.

Ohio State students and instructors pose after a successful day of training and target practice!

With countless politicians and celebrities campaigning to get rid of the Second Amendment right to “bear arms”, it is more important now than ever that students understand just how valuable their rights are.

Konrad Witek, an OSU student and a CFACT Driessen Fellow intern on campus, organized the event with the County Sheriff’s Office in Sidney, Ohio. “Fellow students were able to attend a CCW class to learn about the laws of self defense and discuss the importance of the second amendment,” he explained. “Additionally, we were able to practice and enhance our shooting skills, and get our Conceded Carry Class Permit.”

Ohio is in the middle of the pack, so to speak, when it comes to being Second Amendment friendly. According to the NRA, no permit is required to purchase or possess a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. It a requirement to have a permit in order to concealed carry a handgun, however.

Second Amendment rights are about self defense and discouraging tyranny. But gun rights are also vitally important to hunting and conservation. The more difficult and burdensome it becomes to own and purchase firearms, the harder it is to promote hunting. And, as OSU has discussed in past events with conservationist Gabriella Hoffman, hunting is vital to conservation efforts. Without hunting, there would be little funding to protect parks and endangered species. Hunting also plays a vital role in decreasing the number of nuisance animals or animals that pose a danger to the food supply should they be left to reproduce unchecked.

College students in particular face a barrage of disinformation when it comes to guns, hunting, and self defense. With more events like these, CFACT will continue to help ensure the upcoming generation values the importance of the Second Amendment.

An instructor walks students through target practice during the CCW training.